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Back of shirtG AEC victory gallopAt S-Squared Eventing, we only represent products that we use and believe in. Beth has been a fan of the companies below and has exclusively used their products for many years. S-Squared Eventing is proud to be supported by the following companies and is extremely grateful for their generosity.

Seminole Feed StackedSeminole Feed,
Great horses start with great feed. By providing the highest quality ingredients with proven, researched formulas, Seminole Feed keeps S-Squared horses performing at their best. We especially appreciate Seminole Feed when it comes to feeding our young horses. By feeding Seminole, we are confident that we are growing healthy future athletes.

countyjumpCounty Saddlery,
It’s hard to realize how much difference a saddle can make until you sit in a good one. County saddles produce balanced, harmonious rides where the rider doesn’t have to fight to hold the correct position. More importantly, our horses now move freely with no discomfort or tightness in their backs or shoulders.

Handsome ribbonWishing Tree Farm,
Because of the generosity of Kathy and Jim Schultz, S-Squared Eventing has a quality facility to work and train out of. The amenities offered at Wishing Tree are second to none, and Beth is truly thankful to call the farm home. Kathy and Jim have always been an integral part of the S-Squared team, and there’s no way we could exist without them!

Stirrups Clothing,
Stirrups has exclusively provides S-Squared logo apparel, and the quality is second to none. With a wide variety of clothing and horseware to choose from, it’s easy to customize whatever article you wish!

Hollys BreauxHolly Breaux DVM,
Dr. Breaux provides the horses of S-Squared Eventing with quality chiropractic care.  She is a licensed equine chiropractor, and her adjustments keep our horses sound, supple, and ready to perform.  Dr. Breaux also adjusts small animals.