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About The Farm

Wishing Tree Farm is a full service boarding and training facility located in Danielsville, GA, just a short drive from the middle of Athens.  We offer both stall and pasture board and pride ourselves on providing high quality, individualized care.  Our management has over 50 years of experience in the horse world, and our trainer is a certified equine nutritionist.  Wishing Tree Farm operates first and foremost for the good of the horse, and it shows in our healthy, happy equine partners.

Wishing Tree was founded by Kathy and Jim Schultz, and it is Kathy who oversees the daily care of the farm and the horses.  Kathy has been involved with horses her entire life, including during her professional career.  Before retirement, Kathy was a working mounted police officer and was in charge of running the police force’s barn, training the police horses, and was a certified mounted police instructor.  Kathy worked for Clarke County law enforcement for 27 years before she retired and devoted her time to Wishing Tree.  Kathy also has experience breeding horses and stood a talented Connemara stallion for many years while crossing him with Thoroughbred mares.  Currently, Kathy’s breeding program centers around three lovely mares she uses to produce Holsteiner and Holsteiner crosses bred to move and jump well.

At Wishing Tree Farm, we pride ourselves on providing consistent, knowledgeable care that is second to none.  We provide high quality feeds from Seminole Feed and premium ryegrass hay purchased from a reputable supplier. All of our horses are kept on a rotational worming program dictated by routine fecal testing to ensure that we do not develop resistance to worming products. In the spring, summer, and fall, we utilize a feed through fly control program to minimize pests.  We utilize the best, most dependable area veterinarians, farriers, and equine chiropractors/massage therapists to make sure our horses are healthy and sound.

Wishing Tree takes pride in keeping the facilities as well cared for as the horses.  Our barn has open, airy 12 x 12 stalls with fans and windows, a hot/cold indoor washrack, and a temperature controlled tack room complete with bathroom.  Our farm has a 30 x 60 meter sand arena with dressage letters and lights that is kept dragged and manicured.  Our jumping field is quite large and houses a wide variety of stadium jumps.  The field utilizes natural terrain to create questions the horse and rider may see in competition.  In addition, we have ample room for fitness work.